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Issue 07: Balance / Issue 08: Nourishment

The Red Loom

On learning Mayan backstrap weaving, a sacred art that honors both past and future lineages.

Words by Sarah Monroy Solís
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Issue 09: Cycles

Stone Woman, Corn Mother: A Prayer of Homecoming

“Put your hands in the dirt. This is where you find us. The Stone Women. The Corn Mothers. This is how you remember us.”

Words by Alicia Enciso Litschi
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Issue 05: Memoria

Ancestor Velación for el Día de Muertos

A velación ritual and companion piece to Xochi Quetzalli's Spirit Loss in America.

Xochi Quetzalli
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Issue 05: Memoria

Building the Vibrational Layers of an Ofrenda

Holistic health practitioner Bri Martinez suggests ways to raise the vibration of your altar during el otoño, the season of transformation.

Bri Martinez
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Issue 04: Power

A Xicana’s Reflection on Life, Ceremonial Rootedness, and Environmental Justice

“It is the ceremonial teachings that must guide me as I embark on this journey to name, disrupt, and dismantle environmental racism,” says Dr. Virginia Necochea, ED of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center.

Dr. Virginia Necochea

Ofrenda Magazine explores Xicana/x and Latinx spiritualities, ancestral connection, curanderismo, and other healing arts. We share wisdom from our community that acknowledges interconnection, promotes wellbeing, and honors the earth.