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Issue 04: Power

Rage and El Llanto as Medicine

How might rage remind us of our sacred power? What does rage have in common with the ocean? Liberation psychologist Adriana L. Medrano shares her testimonio.

Adriana L. Medrano
Art by Tiana Crispino
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Issue 09: Cycles


“Hija eres / star dust and tightly wound tobacco / prayer knot offering, the quiver / of communal song...”

Words by Amanda Ellis
Art by Denise Silva
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Web Exclusive

Self-Care Is a Revolutionary Act

An excerpt from The Curanderx Toolkit: Reclaiming Ancestral Latinx Plant Medicine and Rituals for Healing

Words by Atava Garcia Swiecicki
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Issue 09: Cycles

Stone Woman, Corn Mother: A Prayer of Homecoming

“Put your hands in the dirt. This is where you find us. The Stone Women. The Corn Mothers. This is how you remember us.”

Words by Alicia Enciso Litschi
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Issue 09: Cycles

Art and Afro Spirituality: A Testimonio

A testimonio from artist Yelaine Rodriguez

Words and Art by Yelaine Rodriguez
Art editor Suzy González

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