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We’re often asked to provide the names of healers and other service providers, so we’ve created a section on our site that we can point to.

It’s part of our mission to support the healing and healing practices of our community. This includes healing around money and finding ethical ways to do business. We think that offering this resource—helping people find each other who share the same values—is one way we can honor that mission.

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Community Marketplace (Advertisements)

Generic member logo as a sample

Manner Holistico

Healing starts here.
Generic member logo as a sample

Healing Queen

Love Limpias, Love Conscious Coaching, and Holistic Energy Services
Generic member logo as a sample

Spirit Medicines

Folk Healing Center—Healing the Soul with Curanderismo
Generic member logo as a sample

Bebidas Co. Candles

Handmade Candles Inspired by Aguas Frescas