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Community Marketplace (Events + Ads)

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Events + Collaborations

9 Moons Series by Xochi Quetzalli of Spirit Medicines

Cosmic Rebirthing Series—9 Month Womxn's Intensive (Starts Jan. or Apr.)
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Events + Collaborations

Event (Feb. 12 + 19) – Special Diaspora Session: Plain Weave and Cacao

Learn backstrap weaving from Doña Lidia, a Kaqchikel Maya master weaver from San Antonio Aguas Calientes, Guatemaya. Organized by Kakaw Designs.
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Events + Collaborations

Get the Video “We Are The Medicine!” and Support Land Rematriation

Watch the full talk from Patricia Chicueyi Coatl, Dr. Fuifuilupe Niumeitolu, Pepe Santamaría, and more.
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Healers + Energy Workers

Metztli Healing

Tarot reading, natal chart readings, pláticas