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         desde los sonidos de la noche

         que lentamente desaparecen,

         luna, rosa nocturna

         manantial de estrellas.

         Tonantzin, eres luz amarilla

         la oscura tristeza transparente termina,

         la mañana entallece desde su raíz otro día.

         veo hacia arriba y el cielo derrama nubes,

         espías de los dioses.

         la mañana llega,

         un regalo.


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Dawn arrives,

         from the deep sounds of darkness           

         that slowly disappear.

         the moon is a nocturnal rose,

         a secret spring of stars.

         Tonantzin, you are yellow light

         from which the transparent sadness ends,

         morning sprouts from its core another day.

         I look up and the sky spills out clouds,

         they are the spies of the gods.

         morning arrives;

         behold, a gift.

Wake up.

Listen to “Amanece” as read by Lemuel Torres

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