In the Energy and Flow of Intention
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In the Energy and Flow of Intention

In the Energy and Flow of Intention

In the Energy and Flow of Intention

INTENTION IS THE life force between where you are and where you are meant to be. Where we are and where we are meant to be. It is an active energy. It is alive. It flows with you where you go. Physically and spiritually. Intention is a guiding frequency. How you interact with it is very important because intention is sensitive to and impacted by words. It is impacted by feelings. It is impacted by your state of mind. So befriend intention. As with any relationship, be honest with intention. Be clear. Be sincere, for when you consult with intention, it will change your life because intention listens. Intention brings. Intention opens. Intention reveals. Intention will bring you closer to yourself. Closer to the memory of who you really are and what you are meant to offer in this lifetime. Intention will nourish you. Intention will protect and clear your path. 

So, remember when you plant an intention, like when planting a seed, nourish it. Water it. Lather it with love. Be clear on what you want to experience and feel. Focus on the physical, emotional, and spiritual outcomes in that journey. Everything that comes after is a teaching. Call in what you want to learn, and then, surrender. Let intention’s energy guide you. Let intention show you the way. We are at the cusp of a new Earth. Who do you want to be? What do you want to contribute? Remember that we don’t just set intentions. We pray with them. We connect to them. We honor and acknowledge the energy within them. It is a very intimate, involved, and committed relationship. 

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WHEN I STARTED deepening my relationship with intention, I used vision boards as a reference. I started by first inviting myself to think about things I wanted to bring into my life—things I sometimes feared even thinking about because they felt so distant and impossible. Vision boards helped me visually compile these things I wanted to live and experience. Things I wanted to feel and have in my life. I spent years collaging and making vision boards. 

I then transitioned into writing rather than collaging. I prefer words over images at times, so the transition was organic. I started writing out my vision boards. I separated things in categories: Home, Work, Creative, Pleasure, Family, Relationships, Life Path, Care Practices. The more I made the vision boards, the more I felt that they were taking me into the world of intention. I noticed my writing shifting, my intentions becoming clearer. More genuine. More grounded. More connected to my heart. When this transition happened, I noticed a huge shift in my life. I was no longer calling anything in. I was simply accepting my path. My calling. I was being guided by the energy of intention.

I spent time reflecting on what my relationship was to asking, receiving, requesting, communicating, imagining, and feeling. I recognized how much I had been impacted by generational and colonial trauma. It was hard to connect with intention when I had shame and guilt around all of those things. I wondered: I have to slowly recover my relationship to worth? To requesting and receiving? My ancestors had so much taken away and burned at the hands of colonialism. They experienced—and continue to experience—so much violence. They learned to feel worthless. To forget their medicine. To hide it in order to survive. To forget how supported and nourished we were by our relationship to the earth and to the universe, and how we nourished them in return. All this wisdom was stripped from us.

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Through writing my vision boards, asking, and receiving, I started delving into a deeper journey with my ancestors. I was learning how to trust them again. How to trust me again. Unlearning shame, guilt, fear, doubt. I explored this disconnection within me, and intention helped guide me. Intention helped me find myself. Intention helped me find all those ancestors that were waiting to connect with me. Everything became clear. I started understanding the support I needed to trust intention. 

My vision boards transformed. I shifted from "what I wanted" to "what I wanted to feel." For example, I went from writing “I want to make my own schedule” to “I am supported and happy doing what I love" or "I want a job where I don't feel so much unnecessary stress" to “I am relaxed when I am working,” “I feel nourished by my day-to-day life.”  Focusing on the feeling was an important shift. It opened space for me to imagine beyond what I did not want. Opening ourselves to what we want to feel takes time, especially if we have to unpack or process feelings connected to what we deserve or what we are worthy of. 

These ideas further transitioned into a deeper awareness of how I wanted my work to be received in the community. I started by writing “I want my work to be respected and received in the community” and transitioned to “The work I create is intentional and a genuine reflection of me.” I no longer left it simply to fate. I invited intention in. I put the responsibility of this reciprocity on me. I was the one who would create that energy for myself and intention would guide the way. I found the frequency of my own destiny. The shift in my intentions created a shift in my life. I went from being able to describe what I wanted to how I wanted to feel. It further expanded to reflect my truth, calling, and destiny in the world.

This process takes time. It takes commitment. It takes consistency. So, commit. Commit to yourself. Commit to your dreams and desires. Commit to your path. Commit to your purpose. Know that this commitment does not require that you exclude community. It requires a grounding in self to then have an impact in the world.

Top image: Photo of Berenice Dimas standing under a pirul/pepper tree. © Berenice Dimas.

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