Cinthya M. Saavedra

CINTHYA M. SAAVEDRA (Latina) is a daughter, partner, Tia, and professor of Mexican American Studies who lives in the U.S borderlands. Most days you’ll find her playing with crystals. With her friend Joy, she hopes to put into action the concept of Cinful Joy—space for healing through yoga practice and energy work.

Photo credit: Cinthya Saavedra
Cinthya M. Saavedra


Remembering Who You / I / We Are for 2021
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Remembering Who You / I / We Are for 2021

Professor Cinthya Saavedra shares her spiritual and healing journey and offers a meditative centering prayer.

Words by Cinthya M. Saavedra

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Issue 01: Intention

2021 Anthology

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