Marcy Carbajal

MARCY CARBAJAL (Chicana/Xicana) is the founder, editor in chief, and creative director of Ofrenda Magazine. She studied Latinx and Mesoamerican spirituality along with linguistics before cultivating a career in digital design and community-centered innovation. Behind the scenes, she studies astrology and traditional medicine. This magazine is an expression of all of those interests, an ofrenda to her ancestors and to you. Reach out if you’d like to collaborate.

Photo courtesy of Marcy Carbajal.

This is a photo from middle school.  I keep this image on my ofrenda as a reminder to honor the creative child within.

Marcy Carbajal


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Featured in

Issue 01: Intention

Issue 03: Luz/Illumination

Issue 05: Memoria

Issue 02: Nepantla

Issue 04: Power

2021 Anthology

Issue 06: Centering

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