Issue 02: MAR/APR 2021


Nepantla is a Nahuatl word that’s often translated as “between.” It conjures ideas of blending, mixing, and being of two cultures. In Nahuatl, it suggests a process of weaving two into one. Kinship. Transformation. In this issue, we honor all these ideas—including the seasonal transformation that is spring.

Issue 02: MAR/APR 2021


Themes of blending, interconnection, weaving, being of two cultures, and transformation.

Featured Articles From

  • Chicueyi Coatl, Indigenous scholar of Anahuacan Traditions
  • AnaLouise Keating, Scholar, spiritual activist, and editor of Anzaldúa's Light in the Dark / Luz en lo oscuro
  • Cuauhtli Cihuatl, Indigenous elder in the Curanderismo tradition
  • Sabrina Zarco, award-winning ChicanIndia, queer femme multi-media artist, activist, poet, and cultural worker with autism
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