Brandi Amara Skyy

Hola! i’m Brandi! A queer, indigenous Xicanx mystix, spiritual artivist (art + activist), and Nepantlera. My books, readings, and art serve marginalized and intersectional folxs who are ready to make (r)evolutionary change in their lives by healing themselves whole, connecting their inner dots, & harnessing their Otherness into their power—and powerful soul medicine and art.

My services include Intersectional Alchemy Readings—where astrology, tarot, elemental allies, and the cuática meet; Alma/Espíritu Readings, Intersectional Blueprints, and Collages; and 1:1 Intersectional Alma Integration Pláticas.

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i invite you into my orbit with una ofrenda de mi alma y mi corazón: This month’s Intersectional Alchemy Reading where i channel the medicine of the stars, cards, and natural animal ally to help guide to begin to see how everything connects in you and around you.

Each month’s reading includes:

  • Tarot Intersectional Alchemy Reading (reading in tandem with all the other elements)
  • Traditional AND Intersectional Alchemy card meanings
  • Animal ally spirit reading
  • Embodiment & integration praxises
  • Recap of the month's most important energy & astrology events
  • Space to write down your daily reflections, card draws, and intuitive hits.


Page from 2021 March Guide Book

Get All 12 Months for only $20.21!

You can get all of 2021 Readings (12 months, 4 quarters, and one overall general 2021 card reading) for $20.21 HERE.

This guidebook is channeled with all the love and healing for the highest good of you/me/i/we/us—to help ALL live, create, and beam whole.

Cover of the 2021 Tarot Alchemy Booklet

And to remind you that you are not broken or split. You, mi beautiful gente, are a walking ceremony of wholeness, celebration, and proof of what is possible. It’s my honor and mission to help you rise and meet yourself there. 🖤💡✊🏾

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