Submission Guidelines

Please read the following submission guidelines carefully before submitting your work. If you feel your work is a good fit, please complete the form linked to the bottom of this page. Thanks!

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About Ofrenda Magazine
What We Publish
When We Publish (Due Dates)
Style and Formatting Instructions
Review Process
In Gratitude
Submission Form

About Ofrenda Magazine

Ofrenda Magazine is a new multimedia publication that explores Xicanx and Latinx spirituality, healing arts, earth justice, and earth-based wisdom traditions. Our mission is to inspire holistic wellness, ancestral connection, and spiritual creativity.

We offer a platform for writers, thinkers, healers, and artists who can teach people about ancestral beliefs and perspectives, wisdom traditions, the cosmic sacred, plant medicine, mind-body-spirit wellness, justice, and new, inspired ways of being.

What We Publish

We look for topical explorations, informative pieces, and personal reflections that show expertise and wisdom. Photo and multimedia essays are encouraged. 


We currently publish work under the following topical categories. When you submit your work, we ask you to choose one that best suits your piece. (It’s OK if your work overlaps several; we ask you to choose the best-fit.)

  • Artivism: Profiles and showcases from artist-activists who explore spirituality, ecology, ancestral connection, and social justice.
  • Books + Authors: Interviews with authors, special excerpts, and recommendations of some of our favorites. (If you’d like to be considered for an interview, email us. If you’d like to submit an excerpt of your book or e-book, you can use the submission form below.)
  • Cosmovision + Culture: Topical essays and teachings that share insights from ancestral and modern cosmologies, cultures, languages, and ecologies. Usually these focus on a topic or idea rather than the author of the piece. Authors have specialized knowledge from lived experience or academic training on the topic.
  • Curanderismo + Practices: Offerings of wisdom and specific step-by-step practices from healing practitioners, energy workers, and herbalists—with a focus on curanderismo. Most of the authors are practicing curanderx or holistic health specialists.
  • Earth + Justice: Inspired care for the earth and all beings. Work in the world. Activism. Ancestral wisdom and knowledge applied to current issues and events.
  • Meditations + Verse: Forms of prayer, poetry, song, or multimedia that can be read or listened to for healing, earth-cosmic-ancestral connection, and celebration. (We prefer submissions with a multimedia or audio component.)
  • Testimonios: Personal journeys, reflections, spiritual autobiographies, healing encounters, and experiences of transformation—shared through creative essays, poems, and art. Find and share inspiration through empathy.

When We When We Publish

In 2021, we’re publishing bi-monthly digital issues; in 2022, we’ll publish more frequently. We encourage you to submit work early.

Upcoming Due Dates

Issue 06: Centering (Dec/Jan 2021)

This issue is open to a variety of themes. We welcome you to share any content that you think would support Ofrenda’s mission and audience. Due date: Sept 30.

Early consideration for 2022

If you’d like to pitch a column or submit writing for possible publication in 2022, please do so early. We’ll be making commitments this fall. The themes are still open; we encourage you to submit any work that you think would resonate with our audience. Due date: October 15.

Style and Formatting Instructions

Word Count

We generally look for pieces that are 750-2,000 words in length, though we accept works outside of that range.

Manuscript Format (for written work)

Please link a Google Doc or upload a Word document. Manuscripts should be double spaced and use a generic, legible 12pt font, such as Times New Roman. Please use regular black text.

Language and Style

We’re looking for original voices of all kinds that communicate in accessible (not academic) styles. The primary language of publication is English, though we welcome works that include phrases in Spanish, Nahuatl, and other languages. If you include phrases from these languages, please provide a parenthetical translation or restatement in English.


Ofrenda is not an academic publication, and we prefer pieces that rely mostly on the author’s own knowledge as opposed to cited sources. However, if you need to cite a source, please do. As much as possible, blend the citations into your sentences. Please avoid descriptive footnotes if you can. If you need to list works cited, please use MLA style. (We simplify using a house style that is close to MLA.)


We encourage you to provide photos or other images to accompany your text. Please label each file, include descriptive captions in your manuscript, and provide credit/attribution for all images included. Important: You must have the legal right to share/publish these images as your own. Do not copy/paste from the internet or add others’ artwork without their written permission.

All images should be uploaded to the submission form as individual vector files or high-resolution JPEG files at a minimum of 300 DPI.

Audio and Video

You can also include audio and video to enhance your piece, submitted as mp3 or mp4 files. For video, please record in a landscape orientation. For both audio and video, please include a transcript if the words are different from those in your manuscript.

Author Bios and Headshots

Submissions must include a 1-3 sentence author bio (no more than 60 words), a high-resolution headshot photo (not a pixelated one), and credit for the image. A simple selfie works!

Review Process

Timing and Steps

We accept submissions on an ongoing basis. If we determine that your work is a fitting contribution for a particular issue, we’ll provide you with editorial feedback and requests for revisions, if necessary. 

We may also ask you to audio-record your work so that we can share it through podcasting platforms.


By submitting, you guarantee you hold the rights to the work, and, upon acceptance, you grant Ofrenda Magazine the rights to publish the submitted work, along with your bio and headshot, in digital and print forms.

You'll receive a detailed agreement prior to publication. For original written work, we request first serial and digital publication rights (the exclusive right to be the first to publish the work), along with the non-exclusive right to publish the work in reprint editions, collections of articles, adaptations, and anthologies, whether in print or digital format. We also request the right to include excerpts in print and digital promotional materials, including things like stickers and digital downloads. You retain the copyright to the work.

Multiple Submissions

Yes, you may submit multiple works for us to consider. We’ll read them all. And we might even publish them all.

Simultaneous Submissions

We kindly ask that you refrain from submitting your piece to other magazines or journals if you’ve sent it to us for review. We try to keep our review process quick so that you can submit your work elsewhere if we don’t accept it. If you’re in a rush, let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate your timeline.

In Gratitude

Contributors receive a modest honorarium for publication of original work in Ofrenda Magazine.

If you’d like to waive the honorarium to help support the magazine, let us know in the comments area of the submission form. We thank you!