Submission Guidelines

About Ofrenda Magazine

Ofrenda Magazine is a new multimedia publication that explores Xicanx and Latinx spirituality, healing arts, and earth wisdoms. Our mission is to inspire holistic wellness, ancestral connection, and spiritual creativity.

We feature works from a wide range of Xicanx and Latinx contributors—writers, artists, academics, healers, activists, and others—and those who celebrate their perspectives. Topics include the (re)learning of ancestral knowledge, earth-centered and embodied spiritual practice, the cosmos/cosmic sacred, wellness and self-care, spiritual herbalism, curanderismo, inspired activism and environmental justice, nepantla spirituality, conocimiento, and querencia.

The magazine is una ofrenda—an offering—to the community, to seekers, to our ancestors, to all relations, and to the generations that will follow us.

What We Publish

We have an ongoing open call for original content that fits categories below. (If you have a pitch for a column or other type of work, please email us!)


Topical explorations, testimonios, personal reflections, spiritual autobiographies, teachings, and other thoughtful nonfiction works that provide readers with a meaningful takeaway. Photo essays and multimedia are also welcome.


Step-by-step how-to articles on personal rituals, meditations, mindfulness practices, astrology or other space-time calendar systems, altar creation, and other earth-, self-, or community-care practices that readers can adopt or modify for their own context.

We strongly prefer practices that encourage a decolonized perspective of reciprocity with the Earth, elements, cosmos, and all relations. We prefer submissions that include photos, videos, or other illustrations (which we might modify for clarity) to help readers understand the set up. We do not publish information about protected indigenous ceremonies.

Note: If you are a wellness practitioner who would like to promote your services as practice, please contact the editor about advertising options.

Plant (or Mineral) Teachings

Short articles from herbalists, ecologists, and master gardeners that profile specific “plantcestors” and teach readers how to recognize, learn from, and develop a relationship with them. We’re especially interested in pieces that encourage reciprocity and respectful uses.

You can write in depth about a single plant that you know well, or you can create a short list of plants around a particular theme.

Media Reviews and Lists

We accept in-depth book and music reviews of individual new releases on topics related to Latina/x spirituality or wellness or that would otherwise be interesting to our readers.

In addition, we welcome lists of 3-10 books (new or old), albums, or musical artists with reviews framed around a particular topic or theme. (Think: “5 books to inspire your morning meditation” or “4 books to help you commune with the moon.” Inspire us with creative framing. Have fun.)

Art Features

Themed collections (typically 2-3 pieces) from artists who explore ancestral connection, connection with the Earth/cosmos, or spirituality in their work. Please submit high-quality images each piece along with a personal narrative in a separate document. We look for narratives that go beyond artists’ statements to share the stories—the what, who, and why—behind each piece or process.

Meditations and Prayer (Verse)

Poetry, prayer, songs, evocations, and other forms of lyric or verse that serve as prompts for reflection, meditation, and connection with the elements. Please include a short narrative to provide context for the piece—perhaps what prompted your writing of it or when it can be used in or as ceremony. Audio and video components are also welcome.

If relevant, please ensure that you have permission from your elders/community to share; we do not publish information about protected indigenous ceremonies.

When We Publish

We intend to publish digital issues six times per year, in correspondence with the full moon, plus some bonus content in between. We also intend to publish a year-end printed anthology. Submission deadlines will be approximately one month before digital publication. You are welcome to submit work for any issue at any time prior to its deadline.

2021 Editorial Calendar

Issue 01: Intention

Themes of setting goals, starting fresh, healing with intention, the seed state, the east. Now live online.

Issue 02: Nepantla

Themes of “between,” mutability, shapeshifting, boundaries, borders, springtime, changing seasons, spring equinox + your ideas. Surprise us. Submission deadline: March 7.

Issue 03: Luz

Themes of light, awareness, summer, sun/sol, illumination, growth, joy, shining brightly, being in the spotlight, summer solstice. Submission deadline: May 2.

Issue 04: Power

Themes of power and movement (and Movement), late summer into early fall, thunder/monsoons/rain, maturity, boundaries, early preparations for fall equinox. Submission deadline: June 27.

Issue 05: Memoria

Themes of harvest, death, spirits, remembering ancestors, journeys, the other side, wisdom, altars/ofrendas, dias de muertos, fall equinox. Submission deadline: August 29.

Issue 06: Hogar/Hearth

Themes of reflection, reckoning, hibernation, roots, underground, the womb, celebration, family, night and firelight, preparations for the new year, winter solstice. Submission deadline: October 24.

Style and Formatting Instructions

Word Count

We generally look for pieces that are 750-2,000 words in length, though we accept works outside of that range.


Submissions must be uploaded in a standard editable document format (.docx or .rtf). Manuscripts should be double spaced and use a generic, legible 12pt font, such as Times New Roman.

Language and Style

We’re looking for original voices of all kinds that communicate in accessible (as opposed to academic) styles. The primary language of publication is English, though we welcome works that include phrases in Spanish, Nahuatl, and other languages. If you include phrases from these languages, please provide a parenthetical translation or restatement in English.


If required, please blend references into your sentences and/or use parenthetical citations in Chicago style. Please avoid footnotes.


We highly encourage you to provide photos or other images to accompany your text. You must provide permission for use of and credit for all images you include. Please label each file, and include descriptive captions of each image in your manuscript.

All images should be uploaded to the submission form as individual vector files or high-resolution JPEG files at a minimum of 300 DPI. If your image files are very large, you can, as an alternative, provide a link to a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder that contains your downloadable images. Please do not (only) embed images in the manuscript.

Audio and Video

You can also include audio and video to enhance your piece, submitted as mp3 or mp4 files. For video, please record in a landscape orientation. For both audio and video, please include a transcript if the words are different from those in your manuscript.

Author Bios and Headshots

Submissions must include a 1-3 sentence author bio (no more than 60 words). We recommend you include your website URL, along with your Twitter and Instagram handles. We recommend you also include a recent headshot (at least 500 x 500 pixels). If you include a headshot, you must provide permission for use of and credit for the image.

Submission and Review Process

Timing and Steps

We accept submissions on an ongoing basis. Please upload your files and information using the form linked in the green area below. We’ll review it within approximately 30 days of submission. If we determine that your work is a fitting contribution for a particular issue, we’ll provide you with editorial feedback and requests for revisions, if necessary. 


By submitting, you guarantee you hold the rights to the work, and, upon acceptance, you grant Ofrenda Magazine the rights to publish the submitted work, along with your bio and headshot, in digital and print forms.

You'll receive a detailed agreement prior to publication. For original written work, we request first serial and digital publication rights (the exclusive right to be the first to publish the work), along with the non-exclusive right to publish the work in reprint editions, collections of articles, adaptations, and anthologies, whether in print or digital format. We also request the right to include excerpts in print and digital promotional materials, including digital downloads. You retain the copyright to the work.

Multiple Submissions

Yes—You may submit multiple works for us to consider.

Simultaneous Submissions

We kindly ask that you refrain from submitting your piece to other magazines or journals if you've sent it to us for review. We try to keep our review process quick so that you can submit your work elsewhere if we don’t accept it. If you're in a rush, let us know, and we'll try to accommodate your timeline

In gratitude

Contributors receive a modest honorarium for publication of original work in Ofrenda Magazine.

If you'd like to waive the honorarium to help support the magazine, let us know in the comments area of the submission form. We thank you!

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